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Four Leaf Clover Products is the home of the most authentic four leaf clovers available anywhere except Ireland itself.  Four leaf clover products are made from four leaf clovers that are hand selected and picked from true white clover plants.  Four Leaf Clover Products uses the plants are believed to be the plants used by Saint Patrick himself to prove the existence of the Holy Trinity; trifolium repens or white clover (shamrock) plant.

The history of the four leaf clover has been credited clear back to Adam and Eve.  The rarity of a real four leaf clover is 1 in 10,000 but there are many plants that grow a four leaf cluster.  These plants are not clovers but because they look like a four leaf clover and are easy to grow and harvest many people use them to scam people into thinking they are buying four leaf clovers.

According to legend "if you find a four leaf clover you will have one good thing happen"  but it goes on to state that "give the gift of a four leaf clover and both you and the receiver will have good fortunes".  Here is your chance to bring good fortune into your life and that of someone else too.

Four Leaf Clover Products clovers are grown in soil imported from Ireland.   Four Leaf Clover Products imported a statue of Saint Patrick from an Irish church so that our four leaf clovers are grown at the foot of Saint Patrick.  Four leaf clover products bring you as close to Ireland as you can get without going there.

You will find some of the most unique and authentic gift items here at Four Leaf Clover Products.  We have spent 10 years working to grow, process and sell the most original four leaf clover products available.  You can buy fake four leaf clovers from other sites or you can buy real four leaf clovers grown in Irish soil by clicking here!

Don't be fooled by fake four leaf clovers.  The story of fake -vs- real four leaf clovers

Four Leaf Clover Products

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